You Need To Look After Your Hands

Your hands are all you have got. Your hands are a reflection of who you are as an individual. A good pair of well-manicured hands could say a lot about what kind of person you are. And what would they think of you if you were one with green fingers or a blue collar worker and you still pitched up with hands like that. If only that were possible for more people. And yet it is. Even if your hands are badly calloused, you could still go and see the hand doctor.

Calloused hands or badly blistered hands could be the first signs of illness and disease. It may have absolutely nothing to do with the hard work you’ve been doing in your garden or workshop. You could have diabetes. This is something the hand doctor could be looking at as well. He might be interested to know how well you have been looking after your diet. Or not. Of course, it might be at this point that he may only be able to make recommendations.

Leaving it up to you to go and see a nutritionist or dietician. But he will know how to treat your hands if they have become arthritic. Interestingly enough, this common age-related disease is not a reflection of poor health. It could be as a result of sheer ard work through the years. Yes, it could be that they have been overused. The symptoms of arthritis are simple. There will be pain or discomfort. And it could come a lot earlier than you think.

hand doctor

So at the very first sign of this, do go and see the specialist hand doctor. At this point, will he be prescribing surgery. Or will he be prescribing chronic medication?