Common Reasons for Tooth Loss

Thousands of Americans suffer from tooth loss. In fact, by age 40, around ⅓ of the population is missing at least one tooth. For most people, regardless of age, this is embarrassing. But that embarrassment is one of many problems that tooth loss creates.

People who are missing teeth find it difficult to speak many times because some words are difficult to pronounce. Eating certain foods is impossible or difficult and a lot of people lose their confidence.

However, there are tons of options to help you at this time, like partial dentures for back teeth in Leesburg. Talk to your dentist to learn more about partials and why they are one of the best options available for tooth loss.

Before you go, take a look at a few of the most common reasons for tooth loss in people of all ages:

·    Unhealthy Teeth: Many people lose their teeth sitting in the dental chair because they suffered from a bad cavity or other problems that could not otherwise be treated.

·    Athletes: A lot of athletes get their teeth knocked out as they play their favorite sports. That is why mouthguards are so important.

partial dentures for back teeth in Leesburg

·    Gum Recession: Gum recession causes the teeth to protrude from the mouth and may cause tooth extraction.

The reasons above are only some of the causes of tooth loss but are among the most common. If you want to prevent tooth loss, make sure to take care of your teeth. If you already suffer from tooth loss, do not take the matter lightly.

Learn more about great partial dentures for your back teeth with an appointment at the local dentist. You can love your smile again even after tooth loss with the right dental solutions in your hands.